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瓦莱丽・拉维妮 Valerie Lavigne


Valerie Lavigne is a global expert in viticulture and oenology and a professor of ISVV. Her primary areas of research include: aroma science and vinification and aging of wines. She has contributed to numerous seminal reference publications and is also a consulting oenologist for more than 70 renowned estates globally.

让杰克・杜德 Jean Jacques Dubourdieu


Jean Jacques Dubourdieu was born in a family renowned for winemaking and his father was the first dean of ISVV who enjoys a high reputation in world winemaking field. Influenced by his father, Jean Jacques Dubourdieu is also an outstanding winemaker and is in charge of five wineries of his family.

卢克 Luke O’Cuinneagain


Luke O’Cuinneagain, a renowned winemaker in Stellenbosch of South Africa, has worked successively for Screaming Eagle (praised as the Cult Wine King) and Chateau Angelus. Now he comes back to his homeland and serves as the chief winemaker of Glenelly Estate where he makes the topmost wines of the whole South Africa.

张言志 Zhang Yanzhi


Zhang Yanzhi, owner and winemaker of Xige Estate, graduated from the famous Bordeaux Institute of Vine & Wine Science (ISVV) and the College of Economics and Law of Bordeaux IV, where he obtained the DNO and Master of Law in Wine Economics. He is the first Chinese member in Académie du vin de Bordeaux.

廖祖宋 Liao Zusong

西鸽酒庄酿酒师及酒庄副总经理。毕业于西北农林科技大学葡萄酒学院,翻译出版国内第一本螺旋帽译著《驯服螺旋帽》,以及主译《葡萄酒工艺与鉴赏》一书。他曾先后在国内名庄及澳洲名庄Bass Phillip和Mollydooker工作,并由此建立了自己的酿酒价值观:用心种好葡萄,认真酿好酒。

Liao Zusong, vice general manager and winemaker of Xige Estate, graduated from College of Enology of Northwest A&F University. He translated and published the first translation of Taming the Screw in China and was the chief translator of Understanding Wine Technology. He used to work for domestic famous wineries and Australian famous wineries Bass Phillip and Mollydooker, where he gradually developed his own winemaking value: to plant good grapes diligently and to make good wines wholeheartedly.